IMPORTANT NOTICE!! Due to increased class sizes, in order to accommodate student drives, and comply with state laws, it is necessary to move the July 1st class to July 16th. This class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 pm. There will be two  parent/student orientations.  You can choose the one that fits your needs.  These are scheduled next Saturday 6/29/19 at 10 AM, and Saturday 7/13/19 at 10 AM. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Note!!  The Lyle class is filled.  I have students on a waiting list in case someone decides not to take the class.  I have another class starting in Stevenson on July 1st.  This class will meet on Monday and Wednesday from 4 to 6 PM.  However, it will meet on Monday and Tuesday the first week as our family will be attending a family reunion the remainder of the week.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Note!!  The Lyle class offered this summer will begin on June 18th and will meet from 10 AM until Noon.  There will be parent/student orientation on June 15th at 10 AM.  The cost of this class is $420.00.  There is a limit on enrollment for this class.  Contact Dan to get on the list.  Send a check to Top Gear Driving School PO Box 71 Stevenson, WA  98648.

Note!! Our next class will begin on May 23rd and will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 PM.  The parent/student orientation will be held on May 18th at 10 AM.  The cost of the class is $390.00.

Note!!  Our next class will begin on May 6th and will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 4 to 6 PM.  There will be a parent/student orientation on May 4th at    10 AM.  The cost of the class is $390.00.

Note!!  I appreciate your patience with me.  I was hoping to be able to do some drives today, but I am unable at the present time. I have a doctor's appointment today where I will find out when I will be able to drive.

Note!!  Our next class begins on March 26 and will meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 PM.  There will be a Parent/Student Orientation on March 23 at 10 AM.  The cost is $390.

Note!!  Wednesday 2/27/19.  I have decided to hold classes tonight.  I have been out on the main roads.  They are clear.  Snow is flying, but not sticking. If you feel that it is unsafe for you to attend today you can make up the class with the next class.  As I mentioned before, we have permission from the department of licensing to miss more than 3 classes because of the snow.  Be safe and warm.

Note!! Monday 2/25/19  I have decided to hold class tonight.  If you can make it great.  If you or your parent feel that it would be unsafe you can make it up.  The state has authorized missing class due to the weather.  Be safe and warm.

Note!!  For those in the Tuesday and Thursday class, as we discussed and agreed upon in class several times, we will hold class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 PM this week and on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday next week from 6 to 8 PM to make up for the classes that were missed because of the snow. 

 The Monday and Wednesday class will make up the day they missed by attending class #10 with the Tuesday and Thursday class on Tuesday, March 5th from 6 to 8 PM as discussed and agreed upon several times in class.

If more classes are missed because of the storm I will post on this site whether we will have class that day or not.  I probably will not make the decision first thing in the morning.  In addition, missed classes will be scheduled as needed probably during the 6 to 8 slot on Monday or Wednesday.  These will also be listed on the calendar.  You can click on that space to read it easier. 

Update:  I have decided it is best for everyone to stay home tonight and be safe and warm.  2/14*/19.  We will discuss class makeups and drive makeups hopefully next Tuesday in class.

NOTE!!  I am planning to do drives and driver's ed tonight 2/14/19.  If you can make it safely, please plan to be here.  If not, the department of licensing is allowing additionally missed classes due to weather.  We just need make a note on the student record form for why the class was missed.

NOTE!!!  Hurray!!  The snow is gone at least for today.  Yes!!  We will hold class tonight.  I will also be doing drives.  See you tonight!!  If you are unable to attend due to slick roads we have special permission from The Department of Licensing to allow more missed classes because of the snow.

Note!!  Another day with snow and slick roads.  Please plan to stay home tonight as there will be no class held.  I am hoping that this white stuff will quit coming down and will warm up to our usual rain.  Be safe and warm.  If you know someone in the class that may not get this message, please let them know that classes will not be help tonight.

NOTE!!  Obviously, I am not a good weather forecaster.  That said, I have decided to cancel the class tonight.  With the forecast that I am seeing, this will not let up enough to make safe driving conditions.  I received an email this morning from the department of licensing authorizing students to miss more than 3 classes if it is caused by weather.  Depending on what the weather does in the next few days we will discuss options for making up the classes that we may miss.  Hopefully, it will only be tonight.  Be safe and warm.  I look forward to completing the class and drives as soon as the weather decides to cooperate.

NOTE!!  I will post class cancellations here.  I will also try to text students as a group as soon as I know.  If a decision that a class will be held, but a parent feels that it would be unsafe to travel we can make other arrangements.  Safety is the most important factor.

NOTE!!  Our next class begins on 3/6/19 and will meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 4 to 6 PM.  there will be a parent/student orientation on 3/2/19 at        10 AM.  The cost is $390.00.

Note!!  Don't put off driver's education because you are afraid to have your student drive on slick roads. Our cars have studded snow tires.  If you plan to live in the Gorge it is important to learn how to drive on slick roads. Sign up for our next class.

New!!  Our next class will begin on 1/29/19 and will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 PM.  It will end on 3/21/19.  Students must be complete by 5/25/19.  However, they can complete by 3/22/19 provided they don't miss any classes and get their drives completed in a timely manner.  The cost for the class is $390.  There will be a parent/student orientation on 1/26/19 at 10 AM.

Old news!

Top Gear Driving School is approved and authorized by the Department of Licensing to give the knowledge and driving(skills) tests.  As of December 31, 2012 the DOL in White Salmon and Goldendale will no longer give the knowledge test and the skills (driving) test.  Testing will now be done at Top Gear Driving School.  This will benefit patrons who previously had to  go to Goldendale, White Salmon or Vancouver for testing.

This service will be available not only for beginning drivers, but for anyone needing the testing. Testing will be available by appointment only. Testing locations will not be able to take pictures, or issue a driver's license. It will be necessary to visit a Department of Licensing location  in White Salmon, Goldendale, or Vancouver.

** Very important!!!  Before you come to test, you must visit the Department of Licensing Website to get your Washington Driver's License number. 

Learn From the Best

With over 20 years of experience, we take pride in our    skilled and safe drivers. Top Gear Driving School is dedicated to serving youth as well as older drivers who need Drivers Training in the Gorge. We provide the best traffic safety training available at an affordable price.

Read more about us and Sign up for a class!

    Classes Are Starting Soon

Washington State requires that Driver Training programs include 30 hours of classroom instruction, with a maximum of 2 hours per day.

We have classes that begin nearly every 3 weeks. Check the course schedule and sign up today!

    Drive Times

Behind the wheel training is part of the course for beginning students. 

Washington State requires a minimum of 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training, with a maximum of 1 hour per day. A minimum of 1 hour of behind-the-wheel observation is also required.

We also offer behind the wheel training to anyone who may wish to learn to drive, or improve their skills. 
Want to schedule a drive time? Sign up or check the schedule here.

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