Parent Student Orientation    10 AM Saturday

Class Begins


Days Of Week


Class Ends

 15 Week Deadline

   5/4/20      M W4 -6 PM6/24/20UNDETERMINED $390.
6/2/20T TH4-6 PM7/21/20UNDETERMINED  $400.
T TH10-12 AM/PM8/11/20UNDETERMINED $420.
      6/29/20       M W4-6 PM8/17/20UNDETERMINED  $400.
7/23/20 T TH4 -6 PM   9/15/20  UNDETERMINED    $400.
      Stevenson             8/15/20    8/19/20                 M W    4-6 PM       10/12/20   UNDETERMINED      $400.
      9/17/20     T H     4-6 PM      11/10/20  UNDETERMINED     $400

**Important:  With the "Stay At Home" order, the Department of Licensing is requiring "Virtual Classes" using  Drive times can be scheduled if a student has a current permit.  Unfortunately, the Department of Licensing is not open to issue permits, indefinitely.  I will post on my website when they plan to open.  I teach 2 classes using  One on Monday and Wednesday.  The other on Tuesday and Thursday.  Both classes meet from 4-6 PM.  The next class is scheduled to begin on 6/29/20 with the parent/student orientation on 6/27/20 at 10 AM.  Classes and Parent/Student Orientations will be taught "Virtually" until further notice. I will need to send out the link and password for parents and students to attend. I will need an email address to send the link.  The student's email address generally works best.

 If you plan to attend the 6/29/20 class you will need to get a Washington ID Number to me.  If you do not have one, there are instructions below on how to get one.  I need to enter the number into the database which allows students to attend the class.  The Department of Licensing is closed so students will not be able to get a permit until they open.  No date has been set. I will post the opening date on my website when I know.

**Notice:  The Lyle class had to be cancelled due to Covid 19 and the "Stay at Home" order.  We are not allowed to meet in large groups in classrooms. Students can take the 6/29//20 class instead using

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.  Be safe and well.

PLEASE NOTE: Some classes may have changed in the schedule  in order to accommodate school holidays and time off needed by instructor.  In addition, classes will generally not be taught during public school holidays and vacations.  However, driving instruction and testing may be scheduled as instructor's time permits. 

Important:  Each student needs a Washington ID Number which becomes their driver's license number.  If your student does not have a Washington ID Number you can access it at  Click on Signup and the scroll down to DOL Preapply,  Complete as required.  The number beginning with WDL is the number that needs to be entered into the database.  Get that number to Dan so he can enter it into the database.

Essential:  It is very important to realize that Washington State requires students to complete courses within the 15 week time limit.  They do not allow sports, or other activities to keep students from completing.  In addition, students can only miss 3 classes.  Classes must be made up at a time when instructor is teaching the missed lesson.  If students do not complete during the 15 week time
period, they will be required to retake the course at a $200. course retake fee. (This requirement has been waved at this time.)

Note:  We begin new classes nearly every 3 weeks. For classes offered later than those listed on the chart you can go to  Click on drivetimes on the left side.  This will allow you to plan ahead  Please note that class times not listed on the chart may change since some schools have not put out their school calendars for the 2021-2022 school year.  

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Please note** Summer Lyle Class.   Has been cancelled due to Covid 19 and the "Stay at Home"order.  Please plan to attend the 6/29/20 class, or a later class that fits your schedule.  We will again offer a class this summer at the Lyle Activity Center (the old elementary school).  The starting date for the Lyle Class is June 23rd, unless we have too many snow days.  The parent/student orientation is scheduled for June 20th at 10 AM at the Lyle Activity Center.  This class will be a Tuesday and Thursday class from 10 AM to Noon.  The class will end on August 11th.  As with all classes, students will have 15 weeks to complete.  This completion date is October 3rd.  However, students should be able to complete within 9 weeks providing they do not miss classes.  If students miss classes they must make up classes in Stevenson when they are scheduled to be taught.  There will be no make-up classes taught in Lyle.  Drives will also be scheduled in Lyle for students attending the Lyle Class.  However, it is recommend that students take advantage of drives in Stevenson because they will be taking their Department of Licensing drive test in Stevenson.  In addition, students will learn more from the drives taken in Stevenson because there are more teaching opportunities there.  The Lyle class will have a limit of 20 students. The cost for the Lyle class is $420. Students must be paid in full to be registered for the Lyle class.  Please mail checks to Top Gear Driving School PO Box 71 Stevenson, WA  98648.  We also use Square.  A $5.00 charge will be added.

NOTE:  If for some reason there is something you dislike about the class, please make Dan aware of your concerns.  We are always looking for ways to improve our school.  We feel we have the very best class available, and for a reasonable price.  Since word of mouth is our best advertising, if you would like to share  how you have been pleased with the course we would very much welcome your comments on our Top Gear Driving School Facebook Page, Yelp, Google, our website and any other places that you may be aware.  As you are probably aware, most people who are dissatisfied will not  share their concerns with the business.  However, they will share their dissatisfaction with at least 10 people including the pages mentioned above.  Please Remember!  Our door is always open to those whom we serve!