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Class Ends

 15 Week Deadline

1/6/181/8/1/M W4 PM-6 PM3/5/185/5/18
2/3/182/8/18T TH6 PM-8 PM  3/29/185/20/18
3/3/183/7/18M W4 PM-6 PM5/2/186/30/18
4/14/184/17/18T TH6 PM-8 PM 6/5/18  8/4/18
5/5/185/7/18M W4 PM-6 PM    6/27/18   8/18/18
           6/2/186/7/18             T TH  6 PM-8 PM       7/26/18       2/22/18
           6/30/18         7/12/18     M W 4 PM-6 PM        8/22/18      10/20/18
           7/28/187/31/18    T TH 6 PM -8 PM       9/18/18     11/17/18

PLEASE NOTE: Some classes have changed in the schedule in order to accommodate school holidays and time off needed by instructor.  In addition, students will not attend classes during public school holidays and vacations.  If these times do not fit your needs, please contact us.    However, students may do drives as instructor's time permits.  No classes will be taught during Spring Break April 2-6 and Winter Break December 24 - January 4.  However, drives can be scheduled by instructor during this time.

It is very important to realize that Washington State requires students to complete courses within the 15 week time limit.  They do not allow sports, or other activities to keep students from completing.  In addition, students can only miss 3 classes.  Classes must be made up at a time when instructor is teaching the missed lesson.  If students do not complete during the 11 week time
period, they will be required to retake the course at a $200. course retake fee.

We begin new classes nearly every 3 weeks.

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Please note**  We are excited to announce that we have secured a location in Lyle, WA at the Lyle Activity Center (the old elementary school) where we will teach a summer class.
The starting date the Lyle Class is June 19.  The parent/student orientation is scheduled for June 16th at 10 AM.  This class will be a Tuesday and Thursday class from 10 AM to Noon.  If there are 10-12 students who would like to do a class in the spring, I would be glad to make arrangements to use the facility then.  I need some time to get the approval done with the state and the activity center.