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**IMPORTANT!!!  In order to sign up for a class you must also have a Washington State ID number which will become your driver's license number.  Click on the link below.  Then fill in the required information. Make sure to write down the name and password you enter as you will need this to get back in.  There will be a link sent to your email.  Click on the link and complete.  I will need the number that begins with WDL so I can enter you into the database. (You can text this information, or send it to me in the mail, or email.)  This will become your Permit and Driver's License numbers.  You can now go to the Department of Licensing and get your permit.  Do not go to the DOL without getting me the Driver's License  Number.
New drivers can Pre-Apply on line @ DOL Pre-Apply

The cost for classes is $475 in Stevenson.  There no longer is a Lyle location.

The cost for Adult classes is $80. which pays for the initial 2  one hour classes.  The first hour is spent partly in the classroom, and partly in the car evaluating the needs of the student driver.  Additional lessons are $40. per 1 hour lesson.  Lessons are added according to need and ability in consultation with student and instructor. 

All students are required to have a valid permit before any lessons in the car are given.  If a permit is needed, students can receive the Department of Licensing knowledge test at our location.  When the student is ready and capable, the driving test (skills) will be given at our location.

The costs of each test at the present time are:
Knowledge Test- $25. each time given.
Skills Test (Driving) $35. each time given.
Use of Traffic Safety Education car for driving test (skills) purposes is $60.
These prices are also less than our competition in Camas.

It is best to call for an appointment.  Our schedule changes each week.   If you just show up, I may not be able to get you in since I have other customers who are already scheduled.  Save a trip and call ahead.

If there are further questions, please call or text Dan at 360-975-2799.  You call also email Dan at  You can send a letter to PO Box 71 Stevenson, WA  98648.  Our physical address is 155 SW First St.  Stevenson, WA .  You may send a check for payment to Top Gear Driving School
PO Box 71 in Stevenson  if this is more convenient.  We also have Square available with an extra charge.

We are happy to serve you.