155 SW 1St Street/ PO Box 71  Stevenson, WA  98648




Class List 2024

Note:  All classes will be taught in person at 155 SW First Street in Stevenson.  The driving portion requires 6 lessons .  Plan to schedule driving lesson 1 per week beginning after lesson 3.  Drive 6 must be after the last class including missed classes. Each student will have 15 weeks to complete the course.  If students do not complete in the 15 weeks, they will be required to retake the course.  The cost for retaking the course is $250.  Students must bring their permit to each driving lesson.


Note:  Each student needs a Washington ID Number which becomes their driver’s license number.  If your student does not have a Washington ID Number you can go to topgeardriversed.com, click on Sign-up and scroll to DOLPreapply.  When finished, give the number that begins with WDL to Dan.   This number will be entered into the database. This will allow students to apply for and print out their permit online at dol.wa.gov. You can also go to the Department of Licensing Office.

 Students must be age 16, have their permit for 6 months and pass knowledge and drive tests before being issued a license.  Students must also pass driver’s education before age 18.   Testing can be done with Dan at Top Gear Driving School.

Approved Washington Driver License Testing Location

Instructions For Completing Driver’s Education and Licensing

1.     Get an instruction permit and begin driving with a parent.  You must keep a log of 50 hours driving time, 10 hours at night.  (This is for the Department of Licensing.) Fifty hours is not required before DOL testing.

2.     Complete driver’s education 15 two-hour classes, (30 hours) including passing the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Quiz on lesson 8, and a final 50 question written test after completing all 15 classes. (Not the knowledge test for licensing.) There is a $35 charge for each retake.

3.     Complete 6 driving lessons plus 1 observation driving lesson, (observing another student driving).  Driving lesson #6 is a final driving test.  Please come prepared to pass.  It’s like the Department of Licensing driving test, but it is not the test for licensing.  Driving lesson #6 must be scheduled after all classes are complete.  If a student misses a class, they must reschedule drive 6 to a time after all make-up classes.  Make-up classes must be made up when the same lesson is being taught to another class, probably after your classes are complete. Schedule 1 driving lesson per week after the 3rd class.  (Student must complete within 15 weeks.

4.     If you need a Certificate of Completion, please ask.

5.     Schedule the Department of Licensing Knowledge and Driving tests with Dan.  These can be taken after driver’s education is completed.  There is a charge for each test.  $25. each Knowledge Test, $35. each Driving Test (Skills Test), and $60. extra to use driver’s education vehicle.  Make sure all lights work and vehicle safe.  Current Registration and Insurance required.