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The Washington State Department of Licensing provides a practice test to give students an idea of the type of questions that could appear on the driver license knowledge test.  These exact questions will probably not be on the test.  It is best to study the Washington State Driver's Guide if you plan to pass the Knowledge and Driving (Skills) tests.  Please note that online tests are not made by the Washington Department of Licensing.  They are a generic test and often have incorrect answers for our state.  The best resource is the Washington State Driver's Guide as mentioned above.  There are also videos demonstrating parallel parking and the backing maneuver in addition to what to expect on the driving(Skills) test.  Please come prepared with current Registration and Proof of Liability Insurance on the vehicle you plan to drive.  In addition, please make sure all lights are working.  The one that generally does not work is the High Mount Brake Light located in the back window or on the trunk.  I will be checking tires, windshield for cracks and windshield wipers as necessary.  Any of these things could disqualify your vehicle.  Please note that I charge an extra $60 to use my vehicle in addition to the testing fee.

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