Parent/Student Orientation Videos:

WA State Licensing: License eXpress Login

Lesson One Video:  The Intermediate Driver's Licence

Lesson two Videos:  Organ and Tissue Donation, Target Zero

Lesson three Videos:  Signs, Signals and Markings

Lesson 4 and 5 Video:  Ultimate Driving Challenge

Lesson 6 Videos:  Night Driving and Driving in Bad Weather, Sliding Down Hill in Bountiful, Utah and Seattle, WA

Lesson 7 Videos:  Aggressive Driving in Washington State, Facebook texting videos.

Lesson 8 Videos:  Bicycle Safety and Motorcycle Safety

Lesson 9 Videos:  Freeway Driving and Freeway Entrance and Exits

Lesson 10 Videos:  Basic Automotive Maintenance and How to Jump Start a Car Battery

Lesson 11 Video:  Don't Let Up, Brake Lock Up (ABS)

Lesson 12 Videos:  Seat Belt Education:  They work if you wear them,  Car Accident-Driver Ejected

Lesson 13 Video:  Basic Automotive Insurance explained

Lesson 14 Videos:  

Lesson 15 Videos:  Rear View:  Looking Back