9/13/23  At this point my wife, Bea is doing well enough that I am not worried about her as yet passing away.  Until her health deteriorates more, I will not be putting something on here daily.  Therefore, classes, testing and driving lessons will continue as scheduled until further notice.

9/4/23  Happy Labor Day!  Lesson 14 will be taught tonight from 4-6pm.  I will report on my wife, Bea as well.  She is in a lot of pain, but is on major pain meds that help with pain management.  The cancer has filled her abdomen.  It's pushing on her intestines and bladder and kidneys.  She has 5 new lesions that are causing a lot of pain.  The cancer is also causing liquid secretions in her abdomen which causes her body to have a fever.  There is also more cancers started in other places in her body.  We do not know how long she has before she passes away, but it could be a couple of weeks to a month.  When she does pass away I will need a little time.  Not sure how much at this point.

9/2/23 All driving lessons and testing will be as follows today.  Lesson 14 will be taught as scheduled on Monday from 4-6pm.

9/1/23 I appreciate all the kind words and support I and our family have received concerning my wife Bea's medical challenges with cancer.  She came home yesterday to hospice care.  We do not know how long she has, but she is in good spirits.  Her time is short depending on how long the cancer takes.  Probably a matter of weeks to a few months.  The cancer is spreading fast in her abdomen and other parts of her body.  It is pushing on and will be entering her intestines and kidneys which will cause her body to shut down.

I plan to try to keep things moving as far as the driving school.  We have family and friends who will stay with Bea while I am away.  When it gets closer to the end I will need to stay with her.  I will try to keep updates here on this site daily so you will know what to expect.  I don't want people to make unnecessary trips and become frustrated.  Don't worry about the 15 weeks as we have a good reason if students do not complete on time.  However, please do not look at this as a way to put things off either.  Students who put things off have a harder time completing and passing the final test.

I am planning driving and department of licensing testing tomorrow, Saturday.  I plan to teach the make up lesson 14 on Labor Day, this Monday from 4-6pm.  This will keep us on schedule.  If your family has plans, go ahead and keep those plans.  It's only a couple of weeks when I will be teaching it again.  That is mentioned below in an earlier entry.

8/30/23 Driving lessons and classes will resume tomorrow as scheduled.  In addition, Lesson 14 will be taught from 4-6pm on Labor Day. In this way we can keep on schedule. If you family has plans for Labor Day Weekend your student can make up the class on September 21st from 6-8pm.  Lesson 15 will remain on September 6th from 4-6pm as scheduled. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

8/29/23  It is with great sadness that I have to mention that my wife Bea has been hospitalized and will be coming home to hospice.  This means that I may need to make some changes to a few things until she passes.  I don't know what those things are, as yet as we don't know all the particulars yet.  Bea's cancer is moving forward very fast and metastasizing to other organs.  She is not expected to live more than a few months.  I appreciate your patience and the kind words given previously and as we go through this challenging time for our family.  We have not had time to make plans yet.

7/1/23The next available class begins on September 11th and meets on Monday and Wednsday from 4-6pm.  The parent/student orientation will be on Saturday, September 9th at 10am.  Please plan for student and parent to attend.  The orientation will last about an hour and a half.  The cost is $475.  Each student will need a Washington ID Number.  You can apply on my website, or at the department of licensing office.  I will need that number before students can apply for their permit.  Students can get their permit 10 days prior to the class start date and must be at least 15 years old.  If students are at least 15 1/2 they can pass the department of licensing knowledge test to get their permit.  I administer that test at my office.  If you have questions, please contact me.

(360) 975-2799


Top Gear Driving School is approved and authorized by the Department of Licensing to give the knowledge and driving(skills) tests.  As of December 31, 2012 the DOL in White Salmon and Goldendale will no longer give the knowledge test and the skills (driving) test.  Testing can now be done at Top Gear Driving School.  This will benefit patrons who previously had to  go to Goldendale, White Salmon or Vancouver for testing.

This service will be available not only for beginning drivers, but for anyone needing the testing. Testing will be available by appointment only. Testing locations will not be able to take pictures, or issue a driver's license. It will be necessary to visit a Department of Licensing location  in White Salmon, Goldendale, or Vancouver.

** Very important!!!  Before you come to test, you must visit the Department of Licensing Office or Website to get your Washington Driver's License number. dol.wa.gov.  You will need to bring this number with you along with picture ID.  This can include school ID.


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We are located in Stevenson at 155 SW 1st Street. 


(360) 975-2799