Department of Licensing Testing

Testing Fees

Knowledge test                                                         $30.00 Each

Department of Licensing Knowledge tests are administered most Tuesdays at 9am and Most Saturdays at 2pm.  Please call for appointment.  You will need a Washington ID Number and Picture ID to test.  Please be on time.  If you're late you will not be allowed to test.

Skills Test (Driving)                                                    $40.00 Each

Skills Tests are by appointment only.  You will need a Washington ID Number, and Picture ID.  This can include Passport, another state ID, School ID.  You must have these to test.  You do not need a Learner's Permit to test.  I have a document that allows you to drive with me.  You must have current Proof of insurance and Current Registration in the vehicle.  It can be on a phone.  Signals and lights must be functioning, Emergency Brake must function correctly, Seatbelts must function correctly, front doors and windows must function correctly, License Plates must have current tabs, Windshield cannot have chips or cracks on either side, tires must have legal tread.  No cords showing.  Wipers and defrost must work correctly. 

Use of TSE Vehicle                                                      $60.00 Each extra plus the testing fee of $40.00

Pre-Test Instruction 30 minutes                              $20.00 Each

Adult Lessons       $50.00 Each 2 lessons required